Crystal Dust

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        Kristalna prašina naših misli, a ispred  horizont za odlazak u treću dimenziju. Space odiseja života, nosi nas na nevidljivim krilima. U vrtlogu previranja strasti i slabosti, postajemo nedodirljivi kao tvrdjava, dobijajući neslućene moći, uz koje možemo da se izdignemo čak i iznad nas samih.

Crystal dust of our thoughts, and in front of, is the horizon to enter the third dimension.  Space odyssey of our lives, carries us on invisible wings. In the turmoil of our passions and weaknesses, we become untouchable as a fortress, gaining unimagined power, with which we can rise even above ourselves.

Trainspotting Jacket – Coat:   Hajducica –

Shorts: H&M

Tights: Asos

Ring&Earrings: Rename

Scarf: H&M

Boots: Vera Gomma

Necklace: From army gift from my friend Nece

Backpack: Nylon Flea Market

Photos by Dario Poljak

Style by Hajducica- Hajdi


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